javascript is more powerful that you have imagined! did you “really” know?

the first time i wrote one line in javascript was around 1998 and 1999 ( you are right…i’m old… :) ) i can guarantee the life was not easy that time. many developers started to hate javascript. they were happy when solutions for web arrived and they could create website without touch in one line of javascript. actually, i agree with the declaration that javascript is one of the most misunderstood languages in the world. i would say under-estimated.

the scenario is changing recently. “web 2.0″, interactive sites, ajax and others. these are common and usual terms that moved the developers to take a look in the javascript again. even between .net communities, javascript is being mentioned, used and sometimes suggested. but, as happened with some frameworks, languages and tools, some developers start to use, evangelize and also say “it’s really good and nice”. actually, they don’t know what they are using. they only are following what is “fashion” and “cool”.

as i mentioned, javascript is one of the most misunderstood and under-estimated language. we really can do many things. much more than just have control over DOM. once we decided to use javascript, the minimum is understand its potential. and it requires a small effort to get the basic knowledge.

i’ve seemed people talking that coffeescript is nice, “you should use coffeescript”, “i can do what i want with javascript”. but, they really don’t know javascript. i’m not talking about know how to write a function in coffee script. i’m talking about knows what is a function in javascript. i’m talking about knows what is the difference between “3″ + 4 + 5 and 3 + 4  + “5″.

i’ve been studying javascript and its many frameworks. i like what i see. i’ve used coffeescript and it’s really nice and make the difference. however, i need to know javascript if i want to write a good code in javascript. even if i’m using a framework or even i’m not.

so, let’s use javascript, coffeescript, node.js and any other .js. however, let’s really know what we are using…so, we can write a good code in c# or in javascript.

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