nice article: the guy that imagine the internet

i really like to read the stories about the history of computers. i read this nice article about Doug Engelbart. it brings attention his contribution for what would be the network and internet in the future. it also mentions that it’s sad that he called the inventor of mouse only. actually he contribute much more for the computer world. i agree.

unfortunately it’s in portuguese. so, if you want read it you can use an translator tool.

following the news

in my former blog I had a category called “news”. in this category , i used to talk about some news related to technology. in this new site, i’m not using this category to talk about the news about technology. at least, not with the same frequency. some people are asking where the news are. the answer is at twitter or at google+.

so, if you want to follow some news related to technology, follow me at twitter or google+.

welcome to the code snack!

welcome to the code snack!!! my aim in this blog and site is share a little bit of what i’ve been learning e a little bit of my experiments in the coding world, while i’m tasting the my code. :)

i intend to talk about different topics related to coding and best practices (“clean code”, unit test…). i also intend to share some of article or videos that i watched or read, usually adding some of my opinions about that topic. sometimes, i’ll talk about some situation that i was involved and that i believe that we can learn something or at least laugh together. finally, i want to talk about the new challenges of developer application for the new “post-pc era” or “mobile era”.

the post are going to be in english and portuguese. you can change the language using the banner in the menu. the rss feed is also available in the both languages. so, if it’s not the language you prefer, change to it before sign the feed.

this is a responsive site and you can read it in your computer, tablet or phone.

i hope you enjoy it. wellcome!!!