why testing?

mundo .net (“.net world”) was the best magazine about microsoft technologies in brazil, in my opinion. unfortunately, this magazine is not anymore published. i had the privilege of contribute with some articles for this magazine. once it is not anymore published, i decided to post some of these articles here in this site.

the first one is: why testing?

unfortunately it’s only in portuguese by now. i intend to translate to english soon.

nice article: the guy that imagine the internet

i really like to read the stories about the history of computers. i read this nice article about Doug Engelbart. it brings attention his contribution for what would be the network and internet in the future. it also mentions that it’s sad that he called the inventor of mouse only. actually he contribute much more for the computer world. i agree.

unfortunately it’s in portuguese. so, if you want read it you can use an translator tool.

is BDD just TDD? BDD or TDD?

TDD (test driven development) is part of my life as a software engineer for a while. BDD (behavior driven development) not so much. there is a simple reason for that.

as a developer, you don’t need any authorization or even has a dependency on someone, to do TDD. you start your task writing your tests, red, green, refactor…nice…TDD. BDD is not so simple. BDD depends on all members of the project. devs, testers, customers. so, it’s not so simple. it doesn’t depend only on you or me.

BDD is not just a different way of TDD. it’s not TDD, as well. BDD aims to solve the issue of communication among multiple members of the project or team. it (tries to) create a single and coherent vision of a requirement or scenario.

i’ve been using BDD in my team in the last months. all members are contributing for the stories and scenarios. the result is being interesting. probably i’ll talk about it later.

and the big question: is BDD just TDD? i would say no!! do i need to choose between BDD or TDD? i would say no, as well!!! i’ve been using BDD with TDD in this project.

i suggest you to read this post of Dan North: BDD IS LIKE TDD IF…

following the news

in my former blog I had a category called “news”. in this category , i used to talk about some news related to technology. in this new site, i’m not using this category to talk about the news about technology. at least, not with the same frequency. some people are asking where the news are. the answer is at twitter or at google+.

so, if you want to follow some news related to technology, follow me at twitter or google+.

windows 8 and surface era starts tomorrow

today windows 8 launch event happened on nyc. interesting things are going to happen in different cities around the world.

windows 8 era is starting. you can upgrade to windows 8 tomorrow, friday october 26th.

sufarce pre-order started last week. i liked surface. mainly the keyboard!!!! :)

a brazilian journal published online a grafic showing all version of windows. what versions have you used? i used all version starting with windows 3.0. yeah!!! i’m getting old. :)