windows 8 and surface era starts tomorrow

today windows 8 launch event happened on nyc. interesting things are going to happen in different cities around the world.

windows 8 era is starting. you can upgrade to windows 8 tomorrow, friday october 26th.

sufarce pre-order started last week. i liked surface. mainly the keyboard!!!! :)

a brazilian journal published online a grafic showing all version of windows. what versions have you used? i used all version starting with windows 3.0. yeah!!! i’m getting old. :)

tools suggestions if you are seriously working with javascript and node.js

i read this post some time ago. it talks about some tools to use with javascript and node.js. some i’m using and i consider important to use. some i’m still not using but i should be. others are nice and i’m going to use some day.

he also mentioned some issue, such as, manage dependencies. he also mentioned some things that you should avoid when using javascript.

if you are seriously working with javascript and node.js, i suggest you to read this post and see if you can get something new for your toolbox.

this is my priority list of some of tools mentioned by him:

  1. mocha
  2. zombie
  3. coffeescript
  4. jshint/jslint